Research “Promotion of Cross Border Cooperation between Latvia-Lithuania- Belarus Small and Medium-Sized Businesses :Problems, Opportunities, Prospects”, Project N LLB-2-256

The aim of the research is to elicit problems, identify opportunities, and determine directions for promotion of cross border cooperation between small and medium-sized businesses (especially in the field of innovations).

While working on the agenda, various tools, such as methods and techniques of logical, systematic, structural-functional and comparative analysis, statistical and index methods, and sociological surveys have been applied. Within the research the generalization of methodological bases for regional integration has been carried out; the indicators of investment climate in the regions have been identified; the analysis of conditions and opportunities for attracting investments into the region has been done; the analysis of the development of cross border cooperation in business by the way of joint entrepreneurship, combining resources for development of joint goods and services, also goods and services of an innovative character; an innovative specialization of small and medium-sized businesses has been determined; the analysis of cooperation between scientific organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as central and local authorities in the cross border regions has been carried out; some problems, opportunities and prospects for cross border cooperation have been specified.

Key terms: cross border cooperation, cross border regions, small and medium-sized businesses, resource potential and resource efficiency of businesses, Triple Helix Model, investment climate, innovative specialization, regional peculiarities, long-term benefits of branches, economic trust.
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