Expert tips


Olga Filimonchik. Export to Belorussia. (in Russian)
Deniss Schavruk. Export services by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (in Russian)
Vitaly Antipov. Belorussia's universal sales exchange platform for business development between Latvia, Lithuania, Belorussia and other EU contries. (in Russian) 

Product certification in Belarus 

Olga Nudnova. Product certification in Belarus (in Russian)

Larisa Koldachova. The procedure and practice of the work of conformity assessment of industrial products with the European requirements, including for the purpose of CE marking. (in Russian)

Foreign Economy 

O. Lavrinenko. O. Ruža Support for cooperation development between SMEs from Latvia - Lithuania - Belorus: challanges, opportunities, solutions. (in Russian)

Pavel Tyusev. Rules and procedures for foreign companies for EU tenders. (in Russian) 

Clim Staschevsky. International cooperation agreements.(in Russian)
Viktor Kez. Informational support for foreign companies in Belarus. (in Russian) 

Business development 

Lech Jancewicz. Methods for effective sales. (in Russian) 

Anna Stanichecskaja. Business in Belarus. 
Dmitry Viljtovskiy. Construction activity of foreign companies in the Republic of Belarus. (in Russian)
Wood sector company activty and development of Belorus. (in Russian)
Strategic development of the company - market strategies and their implementation. (in Russian)
Alexander Zantovich. Attracting foreign capital to finance current and investment activities of Belarusian companies. (in Russian)