Reviews by Entrepreneurs


“We need such projects. I use opportunities and try to attend forums even though there is lack of time. It gives a chance to network as well as new opportunities for the business development. One can also find clients.” 

(Valery Sheremetev, chief of marketing and sales, Dormashexpo, Belarus)

“Such projects contribute to the expansion of perception and of attitudes towards events. One can learn about legislation of another country, obtain information on doing business. Representatives from different industries gather here. It is a chance to meet people from my industry.”

(Imantas Skruodis, SW Baltic manager, Lithuania)

“Having as many such meetings as possible is beneficial for every country. Organisation of such meetings should be a priority to every country in order to develop export of goodsand servicesfrom one country to another.” 

(Aleksandrs Rivkins, manager of SIA BaltkrievijasTirdzniecibascentrs, Latvia)

“This project created a platform for opinion exchange;it is a new experience with the Latvianand Belarusian partners. What is the most important is that we could visit each other and see how things are done on the spot, how is everything developing. The project is really good. Entrepreneurs are learning from each other.”

(Visvaldas Matkevicius, the General Director of the PanevezysChamber of Commerce, Industry andCrafts,

“Firstly, it is an opportunity to meet. Some proportion of entrepreneurs will find potentialpartners. Secondly, it is a chance for the three countries to cooperate. Overall, we become more active. Even mistakes can serve as a good example of what to avoid. We become more erudite when we see mistakes committed by other.”

(Juris Grinvalds, Head of Board of the Building Materials Producers Association, Latvia)

“Many projects are being implemented in Europe,many of them have theoretical character, where things being discussed are less important forbusiness. In this project, however,we focus on aspects that are dealt by particular people;one can see and feel it. That is why the greatest value is the exchange of experiences. Another value isthefocus on the common regional interests of all three countries, such as nature, ecology,
and economics.” 

(Vladimir Ulahovic, Deputy Chairman of the BelCCI, Belarus)

“The cooperation will go on and develop to become even closer. From the economics perspective, taking into account the situation that has developed due to what is going on in Ukraine, Belarusturns into even more interesting direction.” 

(Janis Endzins, Head of Board of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Latvia)

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